Sunday, January 23, 2011

i'm about to go shopping. here's the plan.

This week's menu is very simple (then again, it almost always is with a picky babydaddy to feed), because as Amanda said, she's hoping Sophie arrives sometime soon. I, in turn, am hoping she calls me when it all starts, so I can cut this menu short and rush to Dallas in time to see the little booger come on out.

tonight- pan-fried pork chops with hasselback potatoes..and i'll probably sneak some spinach onto the plate
monday- red beans and rice with sausage
tuesday- garlicky baked shrimp with green beans
wednesday- chicken and sausage gumbo
thursday- chili and cornbread
friday- is the baby here yet? no? fine. chicken strips and fries.


  1. I can't wait for that baby to get here. Seriously.

    Will you be blogging this chicken gumbo you speak of? I tried a recipe for one once and I either didn't do it right or something because it wasn't that great. I need to try again because I think it's something I would really, really like.

  2. i hope both our weekly menus go to hell in a hand basket because i just found a sexy picture of myself in a bikini from a year and a half ago and I AM SO OVER BEING PREGNANT!

  3. good! I would like to try more cajun foods, i think.