Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Things and Bad Weather

I kind of strayed away from my scheduled menu last week, and I can't even blame it on my sister or her baby, because she didn't go into labor until Saturday..

Oh yeah, I have a new niece. See.

Please don't mind my lack of makeup and greasy hair. Don't mind it I said!

This week I haven't even thought about a menu and I still can't blame it on the baby because she is way way WAY TOO CUTE for anything to be her fault. Ever. Let's get mushy for a minute..

I was one of like five people permitted to be present for the delivery of my niece, Sophie. (two were midwives, one was my sister, and one was her husband.) I was excited and anxious and all of those things you feel when yourself or someone close to you is about to have a baby. I knew it would be amazing and cry-worthy and all of that. But never (ever) did I expect to feel the way I did when it was all said and done.

I guess you could say I was astonished, or in awe. I was in awe of the skilled and practiced hands of the midwives, yes. In awe of Sophie's beauty the first time I saw her little face, well duh. But mostly, in awe of the strength and perseverance of my sister. I came back home after experiencing the laboring of my sister and the birth of my niece with more respect and adoration for Amanda than I have ever felt in my life. Which is saying a lot. A whole lot. *tear*

Sooooooo, anyway.. Apparently there's a blizzard going on outside. I went to pick up a few groceries last night and the store was WIPED OUT. I left with a gallon of milk(one of four left on the shelf) and a box of cereal. Earlier today I really felt like baking up some fluffy, steamy, delicious dinner rolls only to find that I am fresh out of yeast, so I mixed up a batch of Rebekah's flour tortillas, substituting butter for the shortening. This is something I've never done before, but I was very pleased with the outcome. Very soft tortillas! Mommy likes soft tortillas. I feel like dipping them in something, so I'll probably make a pot of chili tonight (hopefully I can scrounge together the ingredients from my freezer and pantry).


  1. she is a GORGEOUS CHILD and amanda is an awesome, brave, stupendous lady. i'm in awe, seriously. i'm glad you were in attendance. :D yay babies!

    so butter instead of shortening is a good idea, huh? i thought about it once but never tried it. i may have to now!

  2. they tasted delish hot of the stove, but they didn't re-heat as well as the shortening kind. that's what i thought at least.

  3. oh my god i just cried like a hormonal mama. i love you so much and am SO incredibly happy and grateful you were here!

    i love that the parts about me being a wuss were not mentioned. that is still sticking out in my head like a bad night of drinking where you probably looked really sexy and danced really well and made out with like three hotties, but that parts you remember are the kissing your ugly ex and puking on the bar.

    also, i love the I SAID DON'T MIND IT because i have felt like that for the last three days ;)

    so, the butter tortilla thing; i did the butter instead of shortening with rebekah tortillas last time i made them (which was long, long ago), and i totally concur with reheating issue. so how does central market do it? they have super soft butter tortillas. perhaps half shortening and half butter? or is there some essence of butter out there i don't know about...like a buttery popcorn oil or something?

  4. i miss y'all BAD already.

    they(whoever "they" is) do make a butter 'flavoring'. i'm not sure if that was the central market uses, but i'm sure their super expensive tortilla presses have something to do with the perfect texture (and shape).

    oh, and i miss the central market.