Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chipotle Shrimp Skewers

I'm a little late to the chipotle party. I mean I've been eating and enjoying them for years, but I've only cooked with them twice...the first time being less than a week ago. I'm in love. So spicy. So smoky. So perfect on the grill!!

Chipotle Shrimp Skewers
recipe slightly adapted from Tasty Kitchen

3 cloves garlic, roughly chopped
2 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
2 tsp reserved adobo sauce
1 lime, juiced
2 Tbs olive oil
2 tsp paprika
1 Tbs chopped cilantro
1 tsp salt
black pepper, to taste
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper
1 lb large shrimp, peeled and deveined (much prettier if you leave the tails on)
pineapple slices, optional

Place all ingredients except shrimp and pineapple into a food processor or blender. Pulse until a paste has formed. Place the shrimp in a shallow dish or plastic bag. Dump the marinade over the shrimp and coat thoroughly. Use a spatula to make sure you get all the marinade's thick stuff. Let the shrimp sit in marinade for 20 minutes. Skewer the shrimp making sure not to overcrowd the skewers. If using wooden skewers, be sure to soak them for an hour before using. Heat your grill (or cool your grill, if using charcoal) to medium-medium/high heat. Grill the shrimp for about 2-3 minutes on each side. If using, place pineapple slices on the grill at the same time cook for just a minute or so on each side to give them a little char.

I also cut some russet potatoes into wedges, boiled them for just a few minutes and let 'em cool. Then I tossed them in some oil and GrillMates Montreal steak seasoning and put them on the grill for some color. The spinach is just tossed with some fresh orange juice, salt and pepper. This shrimp would be great over rice, but I was fresh out.


  1. i want those skewers! i think this is what i need to make for my housewarming party this summer.

  2. I put chipotle in almost everything now: in mayo for sandwiches, chicken tortilla soup, on toast. Okay I'm kidding about the toast. But it is a tasty addition to almost everything. I'd eat these and I don't even like shrimps.

  3. i've been thinking a lot about chipotle mayo lately. i think it's time.

  4. DO IT. make a toasty panini with roasted turkey or chicken, monterey jack cheese, the chipotle mayo, maybe some pickled jalapenos and greens and tomatoes. that is awesome sandwich time to me.